Art has walked out of the museums to rapidly color the cities and parks with sculptures and murals. We believe that citizens enjoy urban areas that communicate with their core sensibilities.  This evolution of public art has been one of increasing challenge to not only respond to the physical characteristics of sites and sustainability, but also to the communities that inhabit them as well.

Public-Artwork is a talented team of full time classically trained artists with 60 years of artistic experience creating “art in public space.” They are focused on every aspect of the creative process from design to installation. For example The Dog Dancer, maquette shown above, is made of economical mild steel for an urban street environment with limited funds.  However, the team over the years has done many private and public projects in bronze, concrete and other materials, as appropriate, within budget and on time.  

Terry, (BSIE & MBA), poured aluminum in his first green sand mold in 1960 while taking a degree in industrial engineering at the University of Arkansas. He found a love for art in his world wide travels, attended UALR and the school of art and design as a studio art major and became a full time professional artist. Terry’s work has been shown in Asia, Europe, and North America and his drawings, paintings and sculptures are in numerous public and private collections.

Maritza, (BA), graduated with a degree in art from the University of Chile in Santiago in 1974 and awarded coveted art fellowships for further study.  She majored in sculpting and has been creating and teaching art in North and South America for 35 years.   Her work resides in private and public collections.  Ethan, studied art at UALR and has been creating art all his life.  He specializes in mold making, casting, constructing armatures, and fine textile, wood and metal work and has work in private collections.  

Maritza Cornejo Bean
Terry Robert Bean