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The Argenta Art District, North Little Rock, AR 2011 (under construction)
The Dog Dancer, 13' x 55' x 10', Steel Fabrication, The most recent public sculpture, to be installed at Main Street and Broadway, North Little Rock, AR. Concept: To celebrate the city’s reputation for being a family town with lots of pets.

Hot Springs National Park, AR 2011
The Arkansas River Otters, 6' x 5' x 4', Cast Marble/Concrete, Located in front of the Quapaw Bath House, Hot Springs National Park. Concept: Animals playing in water in front of an historic mineral water bath house that is on the National Register.

Chenal Valley Estates, Little Rock, AR 2011
The Garden Maiden, 10' x 40' x 25', Cast Bronze, Concrete, soil, planting, and lighting in architectural landscape,. Large private sculpture landscape and architectural creation; designed and installed by Public-Artworks in Chenal Valley area of Little Rock, AR. Concept: Install terraced landscape that ties in all the elements of the entry (from fountain to door portal), using moss covered rocks, flowers, plants, lights and abstract sculpture.

The Oley E Rooker Library, Central Arkansas Library System 2010
The Otter Family, 6' x 5' x 4', Cast Bronze, Located in the reflecting pool a library in the Otter Creek section of Little Rock, AR. Concept: To echo the name of the area “Otter Creek”.

The Bernice Sculpture Gardens, Little Rock, AR 2010
L’esprit du Arkansas, 7' x 4' x 4', Cast Colored Concrete, Locate at 14th and Main Street, Little Rock, AR. Concept: To celebrate the Louisiana purchase in 1803 and the Arkansas Statehood in 1836 in the colors of the French, American and Arkansas flags.

University of Arkansas, Arkansas Studies Center – 2010
Artist’s Hands-Self Portrait 2001, 14” x 5” x 3”, Solid cast bronze, Resides in the permanent art collection located in the Riverfront Market District, Little Rock, AR.  Concept: To recognize the significance of the hands in creating art.

The Rockefeller Institute, Petit Jean Mountain, AR 2008
The Painter-Self Portrait 2007, 30” x 16” x 14”, Cast Bronze, Resides in the foundation’s permanent art collection. Concept: Express the irony of depicting a painter at work in a sculpture.

The Wildwood Center for the Performing Arts, Little Rock, AR 2007
Attitude 2007, 26” x 12” x 12”, Cast Bronze, Resides in the permanent art collection. Concept: To capture the starting pose in a modern dance figure.

Historical Arkansas Museum, Little Rock, AR 2005
6 Degrees of DNA, 6' x 4', Charcoal, Located in the permanent art collection in the Riverfront Market District. Concept: To celebrate the close genetic connection between the European, African and Asian (including native Americans) residents of Arkansas. The museum permanent collection also contains additional oil paintings and sculptures by the artist.

The Arkansas Arts Center Museum, Little Rock, AR 2003
Self Portrait A-2003, 6' x 3', Graphite. Winner of the Delta Award, 2003 seven state regional competition, promised and accepted future gift to The Arkansas Arts Center Museum by a private anonymous donor.  Concept: To capture the mind’s eye of a determined artist.

The Centro Medico, Caracas, Venezuela – 1998
Identity monolith and relief, bronze, concrete, mixed media, 8 feet x 4 feet x 4 feet.  32 bronze  plaques and concrete identity sculptures were installed through-out the hospital.  Concept: To create a logo, relief sculpture and plaques to add identity prestige to the hospital.

Public Sculpture –Future Proposal
Eureka, 19' x 13'x 8', Stainless Steel, In creating public sculpture, various ideas are proposed for construction.  In some cases, such as this design maquette, they remain uninstalled creations, but are just the same, an important part of the artistic creative process. Concept: To create a happy archway to a landscaped garden.